So here we are… A french rap blog catered for the UK market and it’s audience which also switches to a UK rap/grime blog catered for the French market. “This will never work” is what a lot of people have told me (they also said that about cheesecake and garlic bread…) but in all honesty, I really do not give a flying 47 fuck.



Opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but this really isn’t that kind of party. This is just me combining two of my main passions, French rap and UK rap/grime (maybe one day i’ll do one about pussy, weed and cheese), so any doubts on whether it will “work” or not are completely besides the point.

The point of this is just to express something that a few others and I are passionate about and that’s it really, oh yeah and to have fun along the way without a care in the world of any preconceptions what so ever.


Why French rap? Well first of all I’m actually really French (I was born there, I speak it everyday… yeah I’m a real frog raised in London), and the fact that I fell into French rap when I was like 9 or 10 years old when my dad bought me my first French rap album (IAM “Ombre Est Lumiere”). It’s also the most listened to music genre in France and the second rap industry in the world behind ‘Merica (it really is).

Obviously if you know me personally or just through music or twitter you will know I love UK rap/grime too. The plot twist here is that all the articles about French rap will be written by myself in English and all the articles about UK rap/grime will be written in French by some hand picked collaborators and friends who know their shit!

The goal in the end as well as having fun and not giving a fuck about what people think is to educate people from both sides of the Channel about our respective scenes. England and France are practically cousins and a lot of us share cultural similarities without even knowing it, so we are kinda here to change all that.


rap fr

This blog is a flexible affair and will also report on some sporting events, cultural stuff and general things we find cool or that the general public find cool.

Like those trendy hipster cunts would say, we’re “niche”. Niche in French means that little house where the dog sleeps. We have landed in the cultural doghouse where French rap meets UK rap and grime. What could possible go wrong?

If you don’t like original ideas and concepts there’s always the other mundane sites where it’s cool to be a prefabricated “I’m so weird I’m cool but I’m not really weird it’s just for image” type of cunt.

Allez ciiiiaaaawwwww

Papa Cee – Editor, creator and any other fancy title you may think will make me look cool on social media even though I’m not any of those. 


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